Manuscript Wish List (MSWL)

I represent adult fiction in these core categories: science fiction, romance, fantasy, and horror. I encourage most subgenres in my listed categories. All manuscripts should be polished and completed before querying me.

Adult: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.

Updated January 2023:

  • Temporarily closed to new queries.   


As always, inclusive stories provide an incredible sense of joy. I strongly encourage writers who identify with a marginalized community to query, especially if your story matches my wishlist!

Unfortunately, the volume of queries I get means most writers will not receive personal feedback, but every query that follows my submission guidelines will receive a response. Queries sent to my Fuse email, my personal website, or through any social media platform will be deleted without a response.

Submit a query: http://QueryMe.Online/querytricia

Do Not Send: I don’t represent faith-based/religious manuscripts, KidLit, short story collections, screenplays, poetry, picture books, chapter books, erotica, novellas, or non-fiction. I won’t consider previously published or self-published books.