Kemi Ashing-Giwa

USA Today bestseller Kemi Ashing-Giwa was born and raised in sunny Southern California, where she grew up on a steady diet of sci-fi and fantasy. She enjoys learning about the real universe as much as she likes making ones up. After studying integrative biology and astrophysics at Harvard University, she joined the Earth & Planetary Sciences department at Stanford University as a PhD student. Her debut novel, THE SPLINTER IN THE SKY, was published by Gallery/Saga Press in July 2023. Her debut novella, THIS WORLD IS NOT YOURS, will be published by Tor Nightfire/Macmillan in 2024.

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Books by Kemi Ashing-Giwa

Short Stories

“Teeth.” Kaleidotrope (January 2025). A monster-slaying priest investigates a series of disappearances across the Fringeworlds. He’s in for a surprise—one involving a fugitive supersoldier, a black market fishmonger, three gap-toothed kids, and a grocery list.

“You Don’t Belong Where You Don’t Belong.” (February 2024). Telepathic birds, sharp teeth, and violent retribution—with her homeworld crushed under the weight of foreign occupation, gemologist-turned-con artist Mitayre plans a very special retirement.

“Thin Ice.” Clarkesworld Magazine (November 2023). The last survivor of an artist colony hatches a plan to save her people from the AI devouring them.

“Beneath a Dying Sun.” The Sunday Morning Transport (September 2023). Unaffiliated Zone, Year 1023: Tosan and Vaylra, two Shadow-summoning soldiers (and estranged friends), embark on a rescue mission.

“Jovis.” Luna Station Quarterly (September 2023). A science expedition on a desolate world goes very wrong, very fast.

  • Reprint of “Sunta” (Coffin Bell, April 2020), revised with Tali Arima.

“The Puppetmaster.” (May 2023). A banished warrior teaches her treacherous uncle that once made, some oaths cannot be broken… and that once unleashed, some monsters cannot be chained.

“The Sufficient Loss Protocol.” (November 2022). When an alien entity sneaks aboard a corporate spaceship, with no motive besides sabotaging the mission and murdering those aboard, commander Uzoma Ifiok launches an investigation—despite knowing that the real danger isn’t the one picking off her crew.

“Fruiting Bodies.” (January 2022). An alien fungal infection has ravaged a faraway planet, turning all but six of the colonists into ravenous arinkiris. Inyama, a mycologist, is her species’ last hope. But it’s not expertise her fellow survivors want from her.

“Paper Suns.” Anathema: Spec from the Margins (September 2021). After a mysteriously wounded stranger saves him from a treacherous snowstorm, a young scavenger discovers that some monsters aren’t confined to folklore.