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RT Book Reviews Buzzing About Angel Kin

Stum­bled on this freakin’ cool post after a friend swore up and down she saw my name on RT Book Reviews. She was correct.

With our col­umn, Fore­words, we let read­ers know the lat­est book news about some of the web team’s most-anticipated upcom­ing releases across the gen­res — just as the projects are announced!”

Amid authors with more street cred and amaz­ing projects was this blurb about moi:


Roman­tic Sus­pense — Tri­cia Skinner’s Angel Kin puts a burglar-turned-murder wit­ness hero­ine in one heck of a dilemma when she becomes the killer’s next vic­tim. The only man who can pro­tect her? A half-angel assas­sin who also hap­pens to be the killer’s twin. Find out if she escapes evil when the book releases in 2014.

Do I write Roman­tic Sus­pense? Nope.

Do I care? Nope.

Am I rockin’ a super grin? Yep.




  1. LOL!! I’d be rockin’ a huge grin, too. Angel Kin sounds kick ass! A half-angel assas­sin who hap­pens to be the killer’s twin … *squee!* Roman­tic sus­pense, indeed. I can’t wait for the release. Con­grats with the men­tion, Tricia. :)

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